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  1. My documentation says the subject digital photo frame will play AVI Motion JPEG movies.

    I converted some video using AVS video converter 6 to avi using the IBM Motion JPEG setting and tried to play it on the photo frame.

    The sound is OK but the screen is very distorted like playing an NTSC movie on a PAL TV.

    Got any ideas?
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  2. OK

    I tried using uncompressed but the screen says that is unsupported.
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  3. My user manual says,
    "The Digital Photo Frame will support JPEGs and AVI Motion JPEGS taken from a digital camera. the Digital Photo Frame may not read all images or video files downloaded from the Internet."

    Are there any cameras that you know of that write the AVI Motion JPEG file format? My Sony writes a MPG video format. Where can I find an example AVI Motion JPEG to try out on my DPF to see if it truely works?
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