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    I have tried to encode my movie.mt2s file with RipBot using BaldRick's guide , but I get over 36 hours estimated encoding time after 1 hour encoding!!!

    I used the same setting as given in the guide. I have a Intel core2duo E4600@2.4GHZ with 3GB ram and vista home premium 32bit. No other software are running.

    Why does it take so long ?

    Thank you for your help
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    Check your Task Manager. It should be using close to 100% CPU during encoding. I use a quad core Q9300@3Ghz. It takes about 6 hours for a BD to MKV two pass conversion to a 4.37GB DVD-5. More cores speed up those type conversions.

    My guess it should take about 14 or 15 hours. Maybe there's a problem there somewhere.

    What settings did you use in RipBot? I normally use 2 pass to MKV.
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