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    Hi everyone. I do not know if I am in the correct forum, but here is my dilemma. I brought a WinTv HVR 1250 that is a Clear QAM tv tuner for my Windows Xp Media Center 2005. Does it receive cable channels beyond 100. I am not talking aout HBO,etc. Also how do I attach it to my dvr that I have from the cable company. I would like to record shows on channels beyond 100 a with my pc. I know I have a dvr, but I need this for the sanity of my family. If anyone can help me I will appreciate it.
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  2. Cable companies usually only broadcast local over-the-air channels and a few others via clear QAM. The HVR-1250 will be able to capture those, both SD and HD. All other QAM channels will almost certainly be encrypted.

    Split the cable coax before the DVR. Run one output to the DVR, the other to the HVR 1250. That will let the HVR record the analog SD and clear QAM channels.
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