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  1. My room mate is purchasing a new HDTV with 1080p and 120hz.

    I've only seen 120hz briefly, and wasn't sure what to think of it.
    It seems it accepts whatever the source material is (24fps dvd/BD, 30/60 tv, etc) and converts it to 120hz by doing some frame converting algorithm.

    Does anybody here have a tv with said feature, and use it? Pros and cons?

    (his tv is a Sony Bravia KDL46W4150)

    EDIT: Would having the 120hz MotionFlow option turned on, would it produce lag or image problems while gaming with a PS3/XB360?
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  3. thanks for the link, the page is quite informative
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  4. Pro: smoother motion
    con: artifacts when "tween" frames aren't created properly

    This post has an example (slow.avi) of the type of artifacts you will see.
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