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    I am a total newbie at avisynth, and I have noticed that when I run my picture in picture script on virtualdub it slows down the video, it to the point that it looks like stop motion.

    I am using two very large video files, one being about 3 gigs and the other 29 gigs.

    The 29 gig video is the one that I have as the background and the 3 gig video is the small video in the corner.

    Both videos have a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

    Can someone tell me how to get the videos to play at their original speed?

    Also, when I use this effect I want the audio from file b in the script to play in the background, how do I do that?

    I tried changing the audio source in virtualdub to wav file with the audio, but this did not work because the audio slowed down with the video.

    Here is the code I use for the PiP effect:

    a = DirectShowSource("file location" ,fps=30)
    b = DirectShowSource("file location" ,fps=30)
    xpos = Width(a)-Width(b)	
    ypos = Height(a)-Height(b)
    Overlay(a, b,x=xpos, y=ypos)
    Thank you.
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    You need to fill in your computer specs. What you are trying to do requires a fair amount of computing power to run in real time. Your computer may simply be unable to do this. Also, Virtualdub is not the best tool for testing playback speed. If you are simply encoding, then that fact that it does not play back in real time isn't an issue, as virtualdub will encode at the speed it gets the video, but the results will playback correctly.

    If you want to just use the script for playback only, try opening the script in Media Player Classic. But if your system isn't fast enough, it isn't going to work.
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  3. And given the size of that one file, might it be be hi-res video? And if not, lossless maybe? If so, even if playing with MPC you may not get real-time playback. But so what? You'll be encoding it, right? As for getting the audio in, it sounds like you had already figured it out.
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