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  1. I get the following error with Gui For DVD Author. I used TMPGEnc mpeg tools to first split into streams.

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  2. Use the new version:

    Version 1.07 includes the following bugfixes:
    - Bugfix: CPU dependency (crash on some CPUs) for mjpegtools (png2yuv, mplex...) removed (THX ssbssa)
    - Bugfix: Error for mplex: "Need to split output but there appears to be no %d in the filename pattern" removed (THX ssbssa)
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  3. Thanks for the info on the new version. However, I was able to solve the problem by using a different software for combining videos and then using GUI For DVD Author. I originally used Video Redo to combine videos and then input the merged video into GUI For DVD Author. Then I switched to TMPGEnc mpeg tools to combine the videos and this way GUI For DVD Author had no problem. (I always separate into video and audio before using GUI For DVD Author.)
    Also, I had another problem. Even when I used TMPGEnc mpeg tools to combine videos, GUI For DVD Author gave an error message. I solved that problem by first using Video Redo to cut 1 second from the beginning of the video, and then combining the videos with TMPGEnc mpeg tools. Apparently the original video had a "jagged" cut, and by slicing one second off, the cut became "smooth" and then I was able to combine with TMPGEnc mpeg tools and use GUI For DVD Author.
    Anyway, I think Gui For DVD Author is excellent software and I managed to use it to finish my project.

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