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  1. I am relatively new to the world of NLE video editing (using videostudio currently). I am looking for video effects to enhance the look of my videos. I did google and found complex ones (and can't afford them too) such as visionLab and Wondershare Particle Illusion.

    My i request a list of applications (freeware and payware) that are relatively simple to use and those that i can export for final use with Videostudio as overlay). Even sites that have video overlays with alpha channel will do

    Let me start with what i know
    - wax (freeware)
    - Particle magic

    Let me assess then and then see what is best and affordable to me

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    ZS4 is another possible.

    Effects packages that are a) good and b) cheap (or free) are few and far between. They are complex to write, and often even more complex to use. None of them come with a "Make Cool Effect" button, so be prepared to spend a lot of time learning how to use the tool, and also how to work around it, and the most inventive effects usually come from making the tool work in ways it wasn't designed to.

    The question I would ask is - what type of effects are you really after ? Many editors have various filters built-in that can be used to produce all sorts of effects. Even virtualdub has a few very cool ones that really have to other function. Also, depending on the type of effect you are looking for, you may need to look at several packages. Perhaps you need to include Blender, for 3D and some editing work.
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    As per guns1inger has mentioned.

    FreeFrame 1.5 (host application - wax and others)


    But to achieve desired effects takes time to learn, and patience

    Starting point for freeware> story boarding post production.

    This would included dealing with video effects found in one application and dealing with those parts first
    Repeating this step with next application which has desired effects
    Final output production

    Might be interested in :
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    Also please note at least Pinnalce Studio allows you to upgrade in portions rather than a whole package. I'm not sure you can buy just a single effect but you don't have to buy the entire ultimate package. You can start with the basic and add effects as you need them. The Pinnacle Studio basic program starts at 50.00 USD. It has many basic wipes and fades and title effects too. Than more complex stuff is added in the plus and ultimate package. But as I said you can upgrade piecemeal to a point.

    I wouldn't be suprised if the lates version of Ulead's software has a similar "pay as you go" upgrade policy. Of course if you really want it all go with their "ultimate" or "premium" packages on the get go. I think Ulead and Pinnacle both offer Ultimate packages in the 100.00 to 200.00 USD price range.
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