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  1. hello to everyone....!!!

    Using dis guide i ripped my dvd 2 xvid

    this guide is really great...i got d amazing result..

    but i had a problem... i gone thru d whole procedures step by step nd got d (.avi) file without audio of size (1.09)..
    but now wen i'm muxin audio nd video using nandub the size of d new file keeps on wen 2 approx (10gb) nd den i stopped d process...

    Wat should i do...????
    m i doin somethin wrong...
    please help me out anyone...
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    What's wrong with autogk?

    Choose video->direct stream copy in nandub to avoid that it reconverts the video to uncompressed video(huge).
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  3. i used autogk...i used fairuse bt was not satisfied..
    so i thought to search out some forums nd finally got d guide here
    as u r sayin i already did Choose video->direct stream copy in nandub but dan also d size keeps on goin, goin...

    this is d step dat is der in dat guide...

    If your using NANDub:
    1-From the AUDIO menu, select the type of audio to mux with your video (AVI/WAV/MP3/AC3/OGG), etc). When prompted, browse to your audio file.
    2-From the VIDEO menu, select VIDEO -> Direct Stream Copy
    3-From the FILE menu, select FILE -> SAVE AVI.
    4-Input a new filename and click SAVE.
    5-Click OK. Your final AVI should be complete in a few minutes.

    In d 3-... third line select FILE -> SAVE AVI is mentioned
    which file i have to select...the 1 wid (.avs)extention it is showin...

    please help me...
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