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  1. Hi guyzz...!!! Recently i have gone thru a tutorial for converting dvds to avi which i got frm here...

    I'm mentioning dat link over here

    i used it for a few hours nd it showd me amazin result except dat the video runtime i'm gettin is only 7 min instead of 90 mins...but dat is not a big deal as the mistake was frm my side only...

    But again i'm tryin 2 load (.avs) file into virtualdub nd it keeps showin me d error...

    Please anybody help me...
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  2. Please post your .avs script

    Did you decrypt your DVD with DVDFab HD Decrypter or AnyDVD?
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  3. ya i already did that...

    here is my script.


    Thanks for replyin so soon...
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  4. You have to load the plugin for DGMPGDEC

    Just change the paths and filenames to match
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  5. Please make it clear...
    as i'm newbie...
    dnt know wat to do...
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  6. i mean i have already loaded the plugin

    C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\MPEG2Dec3.dll

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  7. When you use DGMPGDec, inside the directory will be DGDecode.dll, and DGIndex.exe

    Use DGIndex.exe and it will generate a .d2v file

    The script has to load the plugin DGDecode.dll, so just replace the "..." with the pathname. e.g. If you placed the folder in your "C:" directory:


    EDIT: download the new version of DGMPGDec. That guide is very outdated. Also DVDDecrypter doesn't work with many newer DVD titles. Use DVDFab HD Decrypter
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  8. thanks...
    i will do like u said..
    nd i'm usin it a better version..???
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  9. Again it is doing d same thing..

    script i hve wriiten is

    LoadPlugin("H:\Ripping Dvd using dvd2avi186 & virtualdub\dgmpgdec153\DGDecode.dll")
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  10. Did you re-index your .vob file with the new DGIndex version?

    Is that the correct directory? Try making it simplier, and taking out the ampersand "&". Rename it to "Rip" or something simple

    "H:\Ripping Dvd using dvd2avi186 & virtualdub\dgmpgdec153"

    Why is it called "dvd2avi.d2v"? You should use DGIndex on the .vob file. Don't even use dvd2avi
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  11. Ya i did like u again it is comin d same thing..

    now it is showin

    k i will tell u wat i did...

    H:\Project folder\DVD2AVI.d2v (project name), movies.avs

    script i hve given is

    movies.avs-file name in avs


    now plse help me out...
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  12. again, why is it called "d2v2avi.d2v" ?

    it should be something like "vob.d2v". You shouldn't be using d2v2avi at all. Re-index the file with the new DGIndex version.

    The generated .d2v file has to match with the same version as the loaded DGDecode.dll version
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  13. k now i made it to..i mean i chngd d script...


    nd know wen i'm loadin dat (.avs) file in virtualdub dan it is not showin any error but the program is not respondin...
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  14. Please answer these questions:

    1) Did you use DVDFab HD Decrypter? or AnyDvd first?

    2) Why are you using dgmpgdec150? 153 is the latest version

    3) Did you re-index with DGIndex? the matching version (i.e. use the DGIndex that came with 153, not 150) the resulting .d2v file should something like "vob.d2v" not "dgindex.d2v"

    4) What version of virtualdub are you using? is it just hanging? or is there an error message?
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  15. ya i already took out the protection wid AnyDvd nd i hve made a iso of dat dvd...
    i'm mountin it nd dan using it to rip....

    it was goin fine dis the prblm occured wen i got d runtime of just 7 mins instead of 99 mins...

    with d help of dis tutorial i'm tryin to rip..

    encodin i'm doing with the help of virtualdub...

    virtualdub-1.8.6 dis version i'm usin...
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  16. i got d answer.....
    The problem lies in my hard disk...
    i tried in my friends pc nd it workd fine...

    Anways thanks poisondeathray for helpin me out...
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