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    Please be patient with me because I am a newcomer to all this.

    I have backed up several of my store-bought DVDs to my computer (using DVD Shrink and without any compression in Audio_TS and Video_TS format). I have each DVD in a folder (for example, "The Magnificent Seven" folder) which has folders entitled Video-TS and Audio-TS.

    In case any of my original DVDs are damaged, I'd like to be able to be able to play the DVD stored on my hard drive either directly through my television or transferred to a digital recorder with a hard drive and played from that. Could anyone please explain (step-by-step) how it would be possible to do this from the external hard drive or from the digital recorder's hard drive?

    As I said, I'm a beginner, so I apologise if I seem a bit ignorant.

    Many thanks.

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    gassito, Do not post the same topic on several forums.
    Please do not cross post, once is enough.

    Continue in:

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