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    Hope this is the right place to post this question, if not feel free to refer me to somewhere else.
    I have a Sony RDR-HX750 dvd/hdd recorder that I want to hook up to a Samsumg 2053GW lcd monitor. The dvd recorder had a hdmi output and the lcd monitor a dvi input, I got a hdmi cable and a hdmi dvi converter. The lcd monitor displays the video output correctly but has an error screen telling you to switch to optimal mode of 1650x1050@60Hz. I can change the resolution of the dvd recorder output but that doesn't solve the problem, it seems the dvd recorder video output is at 50Hz and not 60Hz refresh rate. Running the lcd monitor on a computer at lower resolutions at 60Hz refresh rate works without any problem. The lcd monitor would display the video output along with the information message and after a minute or two it would just blank the video and continue displaying the switch to optimum mode message.
    Any way I can get my dvd recorder to have a video output at 60Hz?

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  2. If your DVD recorder has a PAL/NTSC output option try changing it to NTSC.
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