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  1. I am capturing with an AVDC-100 DV bridge some old VHS tapes into the computer. I'm running the (DV) footage through VirtualDub and using AviSynth to clean up and color correct the footage. My questions are:

    1. If I do my filtering through avisynth and vdub and export back out to DV, should I deinterlace the footage if my intentions are going to be to put it on DVD and only watch it on high def TV's from this point on?

    2. I've tried the Lagrith lossless codec and when I deinterlace it seems to playback on the computer showing no interlacing, but if I save to DV it seems to show interlacing even though I deinterlaced it.

    I'm deinterlacing to Progressive using SmoothDeinterlace in AviSynth.

    Ultimately, should I deinterlace DV VHS captures?

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  2. If you're going to DVD do not deinterlace. You will only lose spacial and temporal resolution. The TV will deinterlace as it plays back.

    The exception to this would be film material broadcast as NTSC interlaced video. These can be inverse telecined back to the original 23.976 film frames. Then made into MPEG2 as 23.976 fps progressive frames with 3:2 pulldown flags. The flags tell a DVD player how to produce interlaced video from the progressive frames if necessary.
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  3. If I do my filtering and skip the deinterlacing, would it give me better quality to encode with the Lagrith lossy codec or is back to DV fine? I'd then be taking it into Adobe Encore for DVD encoding and authoring.
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  4. Lagarith will give you better results. Or frame serve directly to the encoder (if possible, I don't know about Encore).

    Be aware that some filters will screw up interlaced video.
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