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    I use this excellent bot and but I am a newbie so after ripping some blu-ray discs to mkv I wanted to do the opposite way.
    Unfortunatelly I didnt know that I would mess with the aspect ratio and the result is something like 4:3
    Can you help me?

    I think i found the option in ripbot, I resized it to 1280x720 and the script wrote: add boarders 0.94 0.94
    I think I am finally there
    Thankz anyway
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  2. Just type in AddBorders() in the script in the extended options

    e.g. if you wanted to add 48 pixels to top & bottom:
    AddBorders(0, 48, 0, 48 )

    Go read up on avisynth for more information

    It's easier & faster just to re-rip the blu-ray disc
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