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  1. I have a DVD on the hard disk. I am trying to convert it to Divx

    The video is fine the problem appears to be the audio and it appears to be located in the FIRST vob file

    this vob file plays seemingly perfectly fine in VLC but NO program will "touch" the audio says no audio

    I dropped it into Goldwave and it seems it but as 26 minutes NOT the proper 14:12

    DVD Author also says no audio BUT it accepts and shows audio (and proper lengths so far) for vobs 2-4 so it seems there is something wrong with vob1

    Suggestions on fixing? I guess I could post the AC3 file I extracted with TMPGENC but I am not sure if thats legal since its a copy righted dvd (I own the dvd I just want to watch it on my Zen Vision) its 35mb the vob is too large 1gig.
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  2. I found a program called FIX VTS and it appears to have done "something" at least it now reads in shrink and does show audio but the length is still off 1:47 instead of 1:26

    Now I am unsure of which length is the correct length. I might have to pop the original dvd in and just SEE how many minutes it plays till the end hehe
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  3. hmmm it might be that 26min is the right and the 14min vlc reports might be wrong I am playing the AC3 file and it SOUNDS fine not fast or slow. FIX vts lets shrink play but divx conversion software still shows no audio. SO I am going to try to extract all 4 ac3 files merge them into an mp3 and try splicing it into the divx video I have. Just praying the audio will stay in sync
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  4. Many programs report the running time wrong when 3:2 pulldown is used. Even worse when strange pulldown patterns are used.
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  5. Well I finagled a fix i extracted the 4 ac3 files put them in goldwave merged saved as mp3 muxed with the avi. sync was off adding 7 seconds to the beginning fixed it i now have a good avi.

    The longer time was the right time btw. weird stuff
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  6. Why not just re=rip the video and convert using fairuse2.0 or autogk, rip using dvdclone or dvdfab decrypter...
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  7. I can duplicate the DVD just fine. The dupe plays just fine. its the converting to DIVX thats the problem :-) the "problem" follows the dupe too.

    its something about the audio in the first vob file either some funky protection thing (not likely since it did not hinder copying) or just a "bad" file that dvd players can "make due" with but the converters can not get past.
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