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  1. Okay, to the point:
    I can record something with my standalone dvd recorder, then import it to my hard drive using TMPGEnc Xpress 4.0, and then use its edit functions to quickly remove commercials, etc. I can encode it. BUT...

    When I then open TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with hopes to author a dvd using these newly encoded files, I receive this error message:

    "Could not open the video part of the file C:\blah blah blah.mpg
    Only the audio part can be opened."

    Over and over, everyone says that it's a codec issue. But I've used Gspot and found that all codecs are installed. How is it that a file encoded by a TMPGEnc product can then not be opened by another?! Is there some simple setting that I'm missing?

    This issue also applies to any downloaded video cip as well. It won't open in DVD Author 3.

    Please, enlighten me!
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    TDA should be able to import directly from dvd recorders DVDs. Or doesn't it work for you?

    But I don't know why tda can't import mpegs from tmpgenc xpress. I guess you are using dvd profile settings?
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  3. Do you think the problem is with the encoding settings with xpress, or with DVD author?

    When encoding with xpress, on the "output format selection" screen, I've tried both "DVD standard mpeg," as well as "Mpeg file output."

    Oh btw, if I use Author to import an avi, the same error.
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  4. It's a nonsense to edit video in Xpress then to import it to TDA. Xpress re-encodes both audio and video hence their quality degrades. You can cut in TDA, however it flags the cut points as non seamless which may cause a short pause on a standalone player. Also, it not always re-encodes well around the edits. Hence for removing commercial it's better to use ProjectX, DGMPGDec, VideoReDo.

    Regarding issue with importing files to TDA, I think it's something wrong with TDA installation - corrupted files / registry entries. Normally TDA has no any problem to import files encoded in Xpress. Try to re-install it.
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  5. noemi7--
    I'd resisted that, but tried it, and it seems to have solved the prob! Thanks.
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