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    Hi all,

    I'm running Windows Vista. (stuck on this for now until I get a new PC)

    I just converted an MPEG to VOB using FFMPEG. Now I want to make it a DVD, but I need to create an IFO.

    However, IFOEDIT 0.971 freezes when I try to use it to create an IFO. It processes the VOB to 100% and then goes into some sort of eternal loop.

    What other freeware solutions are out there to take a VOB and make the IFO? My plan was then to use IMGBURN to write it to a DVD. I did a search for "create ifo" in the forums and got back multiple thousands of entries, most of which pointed to...IFOEDIT.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try an authoring program like dvdauthorgui, guifordvdauthor, muxman(all freee). You might need to demux the vob to video and audio files, try then vobedit and then import the video and audio in the authoring program.
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