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  1. has worked everytime until today.. was adding subs in srt fomat to an xvid file when noticed ive forgotten to select compression.. file was 30+gb so aborted and tried again this time with xvid compression..
    then this message popsup "Stats file not found" and then "Cannot start video compression: operation is not supported (error code -1)" whats happened? anyone have any idea what to do?
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    You are using 2-pass encoding and have not converted the first pass, easiest is to change to Constant Quality/Quantizer encoding or 1-pass encoding. Under Video->Compression->Xvid and click configure.
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  3. If you are running a 2-pass encode you have to select Twopass 1st pass, encode, the select Twopass 2nd pass and encode again. The first pass creates the stats file, the second pass uses it.
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  4. thanks.. it works great now using single pass.. think i had that option before the errors. wonder
    why it changed. tried the two pass also but seemed to take so much longer stopped half way in 1st pass.
    is it better compression method.. the two pass encoding?
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  5. You have three choices, single pass constant bitrate, single pass target quantizer (constant quality, variable bitrate), 2-pass variable bitrate.

    1) Single pass constant bitrate is the lowest quality unless you use a high bitrate.

    2) Single pass target quantizer delivers the quality you specify but you don't know what the final file size (bitrate) will be.

    3) In 2-pass VBR mode you know what the final file size will be but you don't know what the quality will be. Encoding takes twice as long because you have to perform two passes.

    At high quality settings (quantizer of 2 or 3) single pass target quantizer mode and 2-pass VBR mode are pretty close in quality when the file size is similar. That is, if you perform a single pass target quantizer encode and the resulting file has an average bitrate of 1000 kbps, then you perform a 2-pass encode and specify an average bitrate of 1000 kbps, the two files will be similar in quality. At lower quality settings 2-pass VBR will look a little better.

    Basically, use single pass target quantizer mode when you want a specific quality but don't care too much about the file size. Use 2-pass VBR mode when you need a file of a specif size (for example, you want to put a 100 minute movie on on CD) but don't care about the exact quality.

    Only use single pass constant bitrate mode when you're using a player that doesn't support variable bitrate encoding.
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