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    1) can you do it?

    2) how can you? haha

    any help would be geatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Drag the preview window out on it's own on the screen and up to full size, set it to full size best quality, then use the snapshot button to create a still.
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  3. There's a script that comes with Vegas that will export the active part of the time line as a sequence of bitmaps. Look in the scripting folder(s).


    Copy and paste this into Notepad and save it as SnapshotToClipboard.js in C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 8.0\Script Menu

    // This script copies a snapshot of the current cursor position to the clipboard

    import System.Windows.Forms;
    import SonicFoundry.Vegas.Script;
    import SonicFoundry.Vegas;

    // Save original Settings
    var origPreviewRenderQuality = Vegas.Project.Preview.RenderQuality;
    var origPreviewFillSize = Vegas.Project.Preview.FullSize;
    var origFieldOrder = Vegas.Project.Video.FieldOrder;
    var origProjectDeinterlaceMethod = Vegas.Project.Video.DeinterlaceMethod;


    // Setup Preview for image capture
    Vegas.Project.Preview.RenderQuality = VideoRenderQuality.Best;
    Vegas.Project.Preview.FullSize = true;

    // Set the field order and deinterlace method
    Vegas.Project.Video.FieldOrder = VideoFieldOrder.ProgressiveScan;
    Vegas.Project.Video.DeinterlaceMethod = VideoDeinterlaceMethod.InterpolateFields;

    // Copy Snapshot to Clipboard
    Vegas.SaveSnapshot() == RenderStatus.Complete

    catch (e)

    // Restore Previous Settings
    Vegas.Project.Preview.RenderQuality = origPreviewRenderQuality;
    Vegas.Project.Preview.FullSize = origPreviewFillSize;
    Vegas.Project.Video.FieldOrder = origFieldOrder;
    Vegas.Project.Video.DeinterlaceMethod = origProjectDeinterlaceMethod;
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