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  1. Just bought TDK 200 dvd+r put them in the drive and got the same 004m cheap China made code.
    The label must be only thing made in Taiwan.
    Memorex last year, Verbatum 6months ago , and now TDK.

    add: these are silverly labeled not "rw" logo. not the flat grey color.
    The first 2 burned ok @ 4x and seems to play ok with only a few pauses.
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  2. You must have had a stash of good "original" TDK that lasted you awhile, unless the "+R" you're talking about was sourced elsewhere- maybe they held the line better on those until recently? The TDK "-R" discs have been tenth-rate CMC rejects for almost two years now: among the most unburnable stuff out there. Verbatim has been spotty since 2007, but at least there's still a *chance* of getting good Verbatim spindles: TDK is a total wasteland.
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