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  1. I did a video/dvd for my wife's birthday. I used my jvc mini dv camcorder to record different video clips from people, then I placed it on windows movie maker and made a dvd. I used converxtodvd to make it playable on all dvd players (as I had to give it to all her brothers). THe problem is that when I watched it on the dvd player, it played back the video clips that I did with my camcorder kind of grainy/blurry. I mean you can still see it fine but it is NO WHERE near as clear as it is when I watch it on playback mode directly on my mini dv camcorder. I am assuming that the converxtodvd caused a big degradation. What other software could I have used so that the final dvd is more clear?
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    How did you export from Movie Maker? WMV or DV-AVI?
    Use DV-AVI.

    What bit rate did you use in converxtodvd to encode MPeg2?
    For camcorder material, max the bit rate (e.g. 8 to 9.5 Mb/s CBR or VBR average ).
    Don't deinterlace.

    How much are you willing to spend?

    The better consumer programs are

    Adobe Premiere Elements
    Sony Vegas Movie Studio
    ULead Video Studio (emphasis on editing)
    ULead Movie Factory (emphasis on menu authoring options)

    The "best" options can only be addressed in the context of a budget.
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