My camcorder is an Aiptek A-HD+ 1080p SD Card/Hard Drive Hi-Definition camcorder first of all. I use an AV cable that plugs into the AV in/out port on the back of the camcorder, and the yellow, red, and white jacks go into the back of my TV, cuz that's where its AV output ports are. Once everytihng is set up, all u would see is a camcorder sitting on the tripod with an AV cable leading from the camcorder's back, to behind the TV, and the wall charger wire plugged in also, so the camcorder will never lose charge during recording. It's a simple set-up. Just one AV cable is needed.

Now to get to the real problem. I've been having ths problem ever since i got this camcorder. When I am in the middle of recording (by video capture) my video game, sometimes the camcorder will stop recording whenever the screen loads into another. Like for example, in my game, I selected my character, right? Then I pressed "Start" on my controller, and it took me to the Stage Select screen, but the camcorder stopped recording right as the screen was about to change to a different one. I even saw on the LCD the little yellow square that appears (it means it's done recording), and then the LCD reverts out of AV in mode, even tho the AV jack is still connected.

I'm thinking all of this has to do with the signals it's receiving? Cuz one time when I tried it again WITHOUT recording, I made it go to that Stage Selection screen, and I was watching my LCD, and I saw the picture got all screwed up, flickered to black, and then went back to normal again, so I think it all has to do with signals. But then the thing is, it doesn't ALWAYS do it at that Stage Selection screen. I was able to record past that before without it stopping the recording. The camcorder stops recording by itself whenever the screen changes, but at random times. It's very annoying, and I want to have it fixed cuz it ruins my video by making the video have seperate parts, and have abrupt endings, instead of a straight, clean recording line, and the ending is stopped whenever I want it to.

Yea, I could probly just record right after it stops recording, but the thing is it reverts out of AV mode so it doesn't share the TV's picture anymore; it's just recording watever's in front of the lens. That's a problem cuz if it does that while I'm in the middle of important gameplay, I have to take the jack out, and plug it back in, and select "AV in" and then adjust the volume, and I couldn't do all that in the middle of important gameplay, not enough time. So yea. And I can't combine them in Windows Movie Maker either, cuz the camcorder's file format is .mov or .mp4 (H.264), and WMM doesn't support that type, and there doesn't seem to be any other video editing program that can support those file types, so I'm pretty much screwed

I can't convert them to a supportable file type for WMM cuz I've done that before, but WMM crashes whenever I import a .avi video file that was converted from a .mov/.mp4 (H.264) file.

The camcorder is hooked up to the TV's AV output ports in its back by an AV cable. The console (Nintendo Wii) is plugged into the TV's front AV input ports, like any other console.

The camcorder loses its signal with the game sporadically, and would stop recording at the time it does, and I have no idea why. When I'm not recording and watching the LCD, it sometimes would say "No Signal" and then flicker back again once the video game get's past this certain part. it also does this with my brother's console, which is completly different than mine (he has a Microsoft Xbox 360, I have a Nintendo Wii, it has sporadic signal issues with any video game on both consoles)

It's really pissing me off cuz I had a good video, but then it lost the signal at the end of the fighting match I was recording, and stopped recording, and so I had to re-do it twice to get the whole video recorded.

So yea, can anyone plz help me with my dilemma?? Thx much in advance!