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    I am setting up a password-protected video viewing area for approx 300 videos which I am compressing from DVD VOB files to Quicktime using MPEG Streamclip.

    I would like to keep the quality fairly high so they are soemwhat comparable to watching a DVD on your computer ... but they also can't take forever to load. I need them to look good like the movie previews do on Apple's QT website.

    I've tried exporting to Quicktime in MPEG streamclip using H.264 and AAC for sound ... but the file size is close to 95 MBs for a minute .... granted this is at 100% quality but when I compress with MPEG4 or use DIVX encoder for QT at 100% the file size are very small ...

    I need to know if anyone has any recommendations on settings.

    FINAL THING: I am hosting on Amazon S3 and wish that I could just serve them in Flash but the reason I had to do QT / Chose to do QT is because in addition to viewing them streaming we also want to give viewers to download a copy of the video to their desktop for viewing when they are not online and QT seemed like the best solution for this.

    Let me know any advice.
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    Have you just tried lower the quality setting a bit? The 100% quality/Quantizer mode setting is not same for h264 and mpeg4/divx. Or use 2-pass with with an average bitrate if you want to keep a specific size.

    Or convert to mp4 H264 with AAC sound using Xvid4PSP, Fairuse Wizard, Staxrip, Megui, etc. Flash can play it and you can let users download the mp4.
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