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    I've been trying to copy some DVD's to use tiny clips in an After Effects animation. It's all legal, so don't worry. I have been using mac the ripper, then bringing them into Mpeg streamclip to convert them. I have the quicktime mpeg2 installed. First of all it won't rip the full DVD, then every time I bring the VOB files into MPeg streamclip it starts converting them and exporting them but then it stops about half way and says "write code error".
    What am I doing wrong?
    I'd really really appreciate some advice/imparted wisdom.
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    Here's what I do, step for step:

    1. If it is a commercial DVD, put it into DVD Drive and launch
    Mac The Ripper, v. 3.0r14m. The latest MTR cracks the latest
    copyright defenses, so it's better than v. 2.66.

    You get it by donating $40US tothe Mac The Ripper Development Team.

    2. Rip said DVD to HD.

    3. Open MpegStreamClip, with the proper QT Mpeg-2 Component for my OS,
    and open the first .VOB file fromt he ripped contents on the HD.
    I find that many people forget that if they upgraded their Quicktime, they
    often forgot to upgrade their Mpeg-2 component. If you run version 6.4 or higher
    of Quicktime/Quicktime Pro, you need the specific component for that version.

    4. With the VOB stream completely open in MpegStreamclip (open all files instead of just 1 file)
    I then immediately fix time code breaks in MpegStreamclip.

    5. I then scrub the video, mark and In and Out point where I want to clip just
    the footage I need, and then export that from MpegStreamclip as a DV Stream file.
    The DV Stream file is the most vanilla file format that works on all NLE programs,
    across all Systems, both PC and Mac. I also make sure to target either an External FW drive,
    or a second internal drive as the save destination, as DV Stream files can be quite large.
    Not having enough HD space to write to can produce a "write error", but so can bad
    VOBS, not particulary decrypted correctly, from an older version of MTR.

    6. I then close the VOB when done.

    for non commercial / Finalized Home recorder DVDs, I just drag it to the HD in the
    finder, and then follow steps 3 through 6.
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