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  1. I have my winrar set (options>settings>integration) to render iso files. (See screenshot 1). So when I download an iso file, the winwar icon is shown to represent the iso file. (See screenshot 2). Then, if I choose, I can click on the rar file to open and do a quick check of the contents. My question is, if the iso file was corrupt or incomplete download, would the rar still open? In other words, does the rar give some indication if the iso is corrupt? I know that a true rar file usually will not open if the file is corrupt or incomplete.

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    iso and rar are 2 different things. an iso is a disc image file and a rar/zip is a compressed file. the only thing you have done by associating winrar with iso is to make iso images open inside winrar if you select open or double click on one. as in, if you wanted to extract the files from inside the iso.

    winrar can't check if an iso is incomplete or corrupt like it can with a rar.
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