Need To Read before anwser the question ( Not english primary .. thx )

Question: I just want to understand the diffrence why my usb 2.0 > Esata when am burning from my External HD with USB 2.0 ( i tried Vantec and TT same deal and 2 pc completly diffrent )


Was exploring many way to burn ISO and Video_Ts folder from machine and be able to keep using the pc without lagging or experiencing Buffer drop in nero

p4 2.4 Hyper with XP pro & and Q6600 with 2 gig
1gig of ram and
2 Lg Reader 2 Pioner Writer or 4 writer pioneer
1 Promise ide controler with 4 HD on IT
and primary and secondary IDE used for the burners and reader

From my system am having alot issue burning 2 diffrent image from HD, i can burn 1 image x 4 burner no issue but when it comes to 2 or more image buffer goes up dans down .. and if i play arround with the computer it get worst ...i Used 4x when i try to burn more then 1 image at same time

My friend brougth is External Usb 2.0/Esata . WD 1tb ( regular not the GP )

USB 2.0 & Nero 6
Test-1 2 image at 4x , image been readed from the External HDD. result : no slow down regarless of what am doing on the system
Test-2 2 image ( or video_ts ) at 6x ( no possible from my regular PC ) WORKED .. WOW
Test-3 4 image from the HDD on 4 pionner PC ..Worked at 4x , Buffer issue at 6x..

ESATA ..................Same Issues with external HDD then those i have from internal HD