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  1. I'm not sure where to ask this question but since I have a Mac G4 10.2.8 I hope this is the right place. I'm running out of CDs and I plan to buy some more but here's the thing. When I checked my Itunes preference for burn speed it only indicated up to 24x speed as the maximum. Since most places only has 52X speed blank CDs, my question is will it work on my burner? The reason I asked is my external DVD burner can only burn up to a maximum of 8X speed and will not accept DVDs that are rated 16X. Is it the same with CDs too?
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    CDs are old technology, and even slower drives will happily write to much faster rated discs, albeit at the drives top speed, not the discs.

    DVDs are more complex, and older drives may not recognise newer discs without a firmware update. I suspect that your DVD drive falls into this category. If you can find a firmware update for it, you may well be able to burn to newer 16x discs (at 8x speed, of course). Otherwise it may be time for a new drive.
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  3. Thanks. At least I can still get CDs without worrying.
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