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    Hy support,
    I recently purchased sony vegas movie studio 9, just to discover that there are only 2 preset resolutions available. They are 720 x 480 and HD.

    This is very limited and I wish I had known earlier,
    before I purchased it. Virtual dub is free and will
    allow any resolution. I am currently editing videos
    that are only 320 x 240, but when I edit them with
    sony movie studio, it will then only give me the
    option of either 720 x 480 and HD. The idea was for resolution to remain the same after edit and save avi file at 320 x 240.

    please can you explain ?
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  2. I'm still using Vegas Studio 7 Platinum, but I would imagine v. 9 has at least the same functionality, if not more.

    Others might be able to help you more, but this should get you started.

    - file
    - render as

    The "Render As" window opens
    - Change "save as type:" to "Video for Windows (.avi)"

    Click the "custom" button to the right of "template: NTSC DV"
    At the bottom of the "Custom Template" window click the "video" tab
    In the "video format" pull down, select a different video codec, such as "Microsoft Video 1"
    Now the "frame size" pull down higher up in that screen is enabled (no longer grayed out)
    Pull the "frame size" down and select "Multimedia (320 x 240)"
    Pull the "Quality" slider all the way to the right ("high")
    If you want you can save this template with a name so you can recall the settings (top of window)
    Click "OK"

    Now you're back at the "render as" window, but using your "custom" template
    Render and playback with your media player of choice to check your results
    Modify the template and try different settings if the ones you chose didn't work the way you want.

    Good luck!
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