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  1. Hello !

    I am having trouble forcing a different resolution on my TV Out than the one of my primary display. I am using a Geforce 7900GT, I have a LCD screen with 1280 * 1024 @ 60Hz as primary display, and I use a DV Cam on my TV out in order to record, so I set the clone mode in the config panel.

    Now because 1280 * 1024 > 720 * 576, I have panning on my camera. In order to disable this, I would like to get a fullscreen image on my camera. In order to achieve this, I need the TV resolution to be 720 * 576 (or smaller), and I can't do this because the nvidia control panel keeps telling me that the test failed.

    How can I force this resolution ? I already tried with the old config panel, TVTool and Riva Tuner without success. Please help me sad.gif

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  2. I forget what NVIDIA calls it, but you want to use theater mode for the TV output. Whatever you play in a media player will appear full screen on the TV output, even while windowed on the main monitor.
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  3. True. However, I am trying to record games and not movies, and the theater mode only works with movies
    I need a shrinked clone image of my primary image
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  4. I believe you have to use 1024x768 or less to get clone mode (full screen) working with TV out.
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  5. Thanks, I found that out too. It's better than nothing, I can actually play with that resolution
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