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  1. phpmysql348
    is it possible to download the transport stream from a dvb receiver to a pc hard drive, if the dvb receiver only has the following ports: tv out IF (75 ohm), tv SCART, vcr SCART, audio out left, audio out right, and digital audio out sp/dif. If it is possible, then what hardware component does the pc needs in order to download the TS.

    The receiver is a Scientific Atlanta z65, and doesn't have a Ethernet port like other models, for example the z75, but i'm interested in finding out if it's possible to dl the ts from a z65.
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    See if its got firewire - iee3994 or something like that in the technical name - the same stuff as dv cameras (though they'd be a different pin configuration of course).

    Then you'd be able to do a realtime dub to a digital file on your computer. However some encrypted channels will not be able to be converted.

    You can also do analog dubs of course. If you have a 24bit capable soundcard with a digital spdif input jack you could realtime capture the analog video and simultaneously capture the digital audio. Though it is complicated and not for the uninformed. There are articles here on that subject for directions. User nelson37 has ample experience in this field.

    However unlike other networked devices a cable/sat box's ethernet port will almost never be able to transfer the files directly like you would pc-pc. Those are locked out to prevent such easy access.
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  3. phpmysql348
    but with a usb hybrid tv tuner like Asus MyCinema U3000, wich is a DVB-T tuner with a DiBCOM chip, is it possible to grab the broadcasted content and bring it to the hard drive ?
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