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    I have bought this model. While playing few XviD files i get the message that GMC and Q-pel not supported whereas in manual the following is written..

    DivX movies
    The file extensions has to be .AVI,
    .MPG, or .MP4.
    DivX 3.11, 4.x, 5.x, 6.0 and DivX
    Q-pel accurate motion compensation
    Global Motion Compensation (GMC)
    So any help regarding this please?
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    How many warp points does your GMC use? If GMC is used, it almost always has 3 warp points and to date no standalone DVD player supports 3 warp points, only 1.

    QPel is often not supported at all. Maybe Philips is wrong in their documents.
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  3. Xvid uses 3 warp points, Divx only 1. I'm not aware of any set-top Divx/DVD players that support Xvid's 3 warp point GMC.

    I believe most of the newer Philips Divx/DVD players support QPel. My DVP-5960 (a few generations old) supports 1 warp point GMC and QPel. Although it jerks a little here and there with GMC.
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