Looking for techniques, software, etc. to permit two Win2k nodes to share a FC-AL
JBOD array; one node hosts the capture hardware, the other handles NLE and
encoding. I have vague memories of some offerings from Avid or Atto but can't
find any data now. I can't imagine that simply connecting the two hosts and the
array to the loop without some SAN software would work. It seems that Win2k Server
(perhaps only Advanced Server) and Server 2003 have built-in support for some
SAN services, but what to do about Win2k Pro? Would both nodes need to be
Server versions or is there some third-party support for the 'client' o/s versions?


After posting this I did a few more searches using keywords more likely to occur
within a video application framework and found at least one vendor of a software
solution for client O/Ses -- however it is _pricey_. Quoting from the admin manual:

> SANmp (Storage Area Network multi-platform) volume-sharing software enables
> multiple audio, video and graphics workstations to concurrently access information
> through a Fibre Channel or iSCSI Storage Area Network. SANmp configures,
> manages, shares and provides access to SAN resources, supports RAIDs, and sets
> access privileges at the user level. SANmp does not require a server or Ethernet
> connection in a Fibre Channel-only SAN.

FWIW, I may try the simple expedient of dismounting the (dynamic) volumes on one
node while performing operations on them from the other node; this isn't really too
limiting as the intent is to serially capture on one node and then process on the other.