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    Is there any Windows software available for download
    that will interpolate .avi. .mpg, .mpeg etc., etc. video files?
    A sort Video version of PhotoZoom

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    If I could get silverlight to work so I could test photozoom, I might be able to suggest something. At the moment is says I have to install it, which I do, then I test it and it tells me I have the version it needs, and then asks me to install it.

    A few things to take into account however.

    Videos require a lot more data that photographs.

    Videos generally have a much lower resolution than photographs, so zooming in and panning around them is much harder to do and maintain quality.

    The short answer is that you can probably mimic the idea manually in an editor, but I don't know of anything that will automate it or allow you to freely move around the image on the fly.
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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean or want to do. But, if you can do a little programming in c/c++ or vb or pascal, you could prob come up with a crude utility to do this for you and all you would need to do is save the bitmaps to a file and then import them into avisynth to make a video.

    I would assume that most paint programs have this feature built-in as far of the image manipulation goes, where as the user drags the mouse around an image (or photo) another window is showing the panned area. I have something of this feature in one of my image tools I made for analizing images. I could set a different pan size if I really wanted to and move my mouse around, and save those (panned) images to disk. Later, I could take those bitmaps and overlay them ontop of an actual video. Prob can use avisynth for that part.

    The other apsect of this is, control. I mean, how would you control the smoothness of those (panned) images showcaing over the actual video being played. You could conjure up a *tracking* idea, where you plot those images according to the trail you plot. Feed those plot values to an avisynth scirpt function that does all the imaging around and maybe have something working in no time. Use your imagination, I guess.

    Here's an idea for the plotting routine..

    In this hyper-thetical routine, you could record the mouse x,y coordinates as you mouse it around on the screen. Lets say you planed a steady: left, straight up, turn right, go straight, and then stop, desolve, and bring up another set of (panned) images, and using the same plot above, or a new one, you do the same for the next set, and so on. You would save the x,y mouse coordinates in an [x,y] array and use that as your recorded plot for replay.

    I don't know if there is such an avisynth script function readily available that takes an plot(clip,x,y) and move it along the screen. But if not, I'm sure you could inlist someone who is fluent in that area and they could write out a fresh .dll for you and others here for such a use. I think that would be a good asset plugin for avisynth.

    So, the idea, as I think I'm starting to understand it now..

    A -- you want to open a video and play it.
    B -- as it the video is playing, you want to take whole picture and pan a small area and move that inside this video in {A}
    C -- possibly replace B with other panned images (as made into mini-videos)

    That's actually an nice idea/project to incorporate into a video or dvd menu.

    -vhelp 4905
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    Originally Posted by vhelp
    But, if you can do a little programming in c/c++ or vb or pascal, you could prob come up with a crude utility to do this
    when are fellow forumites going to get a look at your own crude utility designs?
    we know you hide a few...

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