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  1. I had tried to do an analog to digital pass through. I'm using Studio 11 Plus and burned the vhs movie to dvd. I played the dvd in a player but there was no audio. The quality of the movie was very, very good. There was a clear picture but no audio. Can someone please tell me how to do it correctly.
    Gerald Sr.
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    Did you check one of the VOBs in the DVD with Gspot to see if there is really no audio or if the audio is just in a incompatible format? I'm assuming the audio format that was transfered from the camcorder was PCM? You should be able to backtrack your process to see where the audio disappeared or was modified.
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  3. make sure the camera isn't in 12 bit audio mode which is 32khz wav. it needs to be 16bit 48khz wav to be dvd compliant. studio 11 may not have changed the bitrate.
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  4. I had found out why there was video and no audio. It was my computer speakers that were shorting out. I wiggle one of the knobs and suddenly there were audio. I still thank everyone for their input.
    Gerald Sr.
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