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  1. Noon question, Bly Ray discs have DD HD or DTS HD, is this superior than the sound we get at the megaplex?
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  2. hard to say. if your local cinema is one of those 12 screen megaplexes in a building the size of your living room maybe, but if it's a decent normal theater or imax probably not. especially if you don't have a certified thx 10.2 audio setup like most of us.
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    Yes minidv2dvd is correct. It all depends on your audio system. The encoded material can be lossless but it is your playback system that matters for audio clarity.

    I have a ps3 and a 5.1 audio system. Now mine is pre hdmi so I am utilizing fiber optic not hdmi. Mine sounds just fine over the fiber optic.

    But you will get much better results using a newer amp that supports the new hd formats and at least a 6.1 setup.

    Now will it be BETTER than cinema sound? Highly unlikely. Remember the theater can do way more than you can budget wise. UNLESS you have invested in multiple subwoofers and a high end multi thousand dollar speaker set it is doubtful you could truly do better than the theater.

    But remember you don't need to match watt for watt what the theater does. In the theater you could have a few hundred people in a room depending on the size of the theater. In your home you have what - no more than 10 people give or take when you have a party or something? You have the power of scale on your side.

    Chances are you using a family room or living room for your playback environment. It is much easier to control the acoustics in this confined space than a theater environment. You don't have to have hundreds and hundreds of watts to encompass the same space.

    Now if you are using a basement for your playback environment you may need to retool the setup as a basement floor probably won't transfer the subwoofer impact the same as a first floor or second floor would.

    Remember this is to your taste. It doesn't matter in the end if you don't have the same specs as a professional movie theater. What matters is whether or not it sounds good to you.
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    If it isn't, it at least has the potential to be. Even the Blu-Ray versions of standard Dolby Digital and DTS have specs that are either equal to or higher than their theatrical counterparts. TrueHD and DTS-HD Master more than exceed those specs. TrueHD uses an updated version of the same lossless compression that powered DVD-Audio, and HD Master's lossless compression is equally capable.

    But again, as said elsewhere, the specs are one thing. It can look great on paper and yet when you hear the real thing, you want to claw your ears off of your head (SDDS, anyone?). It's all in the delivery method. If your speakers and receiver aren't up to the task, you might as well be playing all that 7.1 goodness through seven Dixie cups with string and a mop bucket for a subwoofer.

    So the short answer is, yes, at least from a technical standpoint, but as always, the real proof is if you think it sounds better.
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    Every several years Dolby Labs hosts the local SMPTE chapter for a demo of state of art Cinema sound systems. Their reference theater is a wonder to experience. I heard by hearsay that the latest demos showed DD AC3 was now the equal of Sony SDDS in Cinema applications even with very low bit rates ~ 224kbps plus.

    I'll try to find some links - See What is SDDS?

    This was the last meeting I attended there.
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