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    I salvaged a 'Bendino' card (Pinnacle AV/DV2 or DC10+B) from a scrapped PC, found
    the WDM drivers for Win2k/XP, installed the lot into an Win2k Athlon 2800 512MB UDMA HD
    box, and tried caps at various sizes using 'amcap' but could not find a format that didn't drop
    lots of frames at ~30fps and it often just stalled for a few seconds. The box also has the
    wdmvfw wrapper and so I tried a version of VdubMod but it always hung when the capture
    window is opened, requiring reboots.

    The card is supposed to do bus master dma and it didn't share an irq; I can do
    full frame rate 640x480 using 'btwincap' on ancient Bt cards in the same machine
    (separately installed).

    Has anyone used this card successfully without the Studio 9 (or higher) software?

    In the same vein, how about experience with the SAA7130-based cards like the
    Avermedia EZDVD (cheap single-chip PCI)?

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  2. I had a dc10+ like 5 years ago it worked ok with studio 8, never worked with vdub or maybe with half the dvd resolution lol.
    SAA71xx cards are better in my opinion mine has a SAA7133 philips chip
    The only matter would be to find a reliable software (windvr3, fly2000tv amongst others)
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