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  1. Which video encoders support the SSE4 instruction set? I currently have tmpgenc plus and the main encoder 1.5 and I know the tmpgenc version I have doesn't but I am not sure about the main encoder.
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  2. DivX 6.6 codec and greater carry instruction set for SSE4. If your computer details are up to date (Athlon 2800+), you will not be able to take advantage of it.
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  3. I am looking for an mpeg 2 encoder that will support these. I have one the new intel quad core cpu's that supports sse4. I have heard that encoders that can take advantage of these instructions are much faster. I have and encoder for doing avi's but I was wanting one for encoding to dvd format that supported this.
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  4. I am unaware of any MPEG2 encoders that support SSE4.

    MPEG2 is slowly dieing out, I doubt there will be much active development for this
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  5. "are much faster" .. yes you can have gains up to 200%, in some specific routines and specially chosen circumstances.
    More normally these things get you at best 10% speed increase, the rest is down to a faster CPU speed, faster memory and other factors.
    These instructions seem to help in motion estimation (or GMC, warp points in divx/xvid). A GPCPU would work better, with native CUDA code..increase of 1000%? sound good?
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