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    recently i made and edited this music video below -

    It was shot on 7 different cameras - recorded on multiple formats - Z1, mobile phones, stills cameras etc I cut the whole thing in Final Cut Pro. The rendering was a total nightmare - everything kept falling off line.

    I eventually started converting the files with Visual Hub and then importing into FCP. But it took ages!!
    Is there an easier way to do this sort of edit on FCP?
    Any help would be useful!
    And what do you think of the video?

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  2. Originally Posted by abadifilms
    I eventually started converting the files
    simpliest: use Mpegstreamclip
    best: different videos means -certainly- different framerates, use a framerate convert like JESdeinterlacer (and take a look to his other soft, to clean dirty videos)
    And what do you think of the video?
    moving and -not ugly- girls, edit by cut to "give impression" of density, no scenario, etc... like every video clip actually, nothing original
    (was my 2 cents )

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