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    I have the exact same problem, its fine until i skip ahead and the sound goes out of sync. its a bit annoyin
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  2. its really anooying
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  3. well Metal|Gear im glad it wroked for u!!! but sorry i never really used DivX alot to know everything so i wouldnt know how to fix it
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  4. I followed your guides and successfully created a VCD, then an XVCD (is tht when the whole movie can be burned onto 1 CD), and now I have tried DVD to DIVX....albeit not using your guide, but an all-in-one. 175 minutes of the Sound of Music made into a DIVX file, and then drag 'n dropped into Easy CD Creator to come up with a 680MB DIVX film onto VCD!!! It is MPEG 3 though.

    VCD is MPEG 1 right???
    My DIVX is MPEG3... What is DIVX4? Is MPEG4 much better? What else is out there???
    Proud Canadian
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  5. I'm a newbie at DVD back-up,

    I went through the guide, and had no problems with the decrypting,
    However went I get to the file creation in DVDx 2.0. I run into audio
    sync problems. The sync is off to the video, and the audio skips
    every intermitantly. I'm using DIVX codec 4.12, and the lame MP3 codec.
    Also when the avi is being vreated it looks great, however, when I play
    it in the div-x player or media player. It is very pixelated. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks 8) 8)
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  6. Dear Pinoy2201,

    In your DivX Newbie Guide, the direction says to use divx codec 4.12 as part of the ripping process. My question is will there be a problem if i chose to use the latest codec released, 5+, to rip dvds? Also, using divx codec 5+ rather than 4.12, will i get a better quality file at the conclusion of the ripping process? Thanx for listening to my concerns. Happy New Year to u and everyone els at
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  7. There is no problem using the updated Divx5 codec, you should see marginal quality and size benefits.
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    If you hit ALT+PrintScreen you only get the portion of the screen that is "active", like a pop-up settings window.

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  9. I followed the directions and I also did search for answers before posting this question. I used all the latest programs that pinoy listed, the video came out great (divx 5) and the sound too. However, they're not synchronized. It seems like the video is way ahead of the audio. Any sugesstions?
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  10. what should my resolution output setting be for pal & ntsc dvd's?
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  11. Hi!

    I need some help!

    I have two DivX Files (Same Video, different Audio languages).

    I want two create a S-VCD with these two languages!

    I wanna try this:
    Extract the Audio with VirtualDub as WAVE Files.
    Add these two Audio Streams to the AVI (DivX) File.
    Open with DVD2SVCD (AVI2SVCD) and convert it with these two languages.

    How do I add a second audio Stream to an AVI File and does DVD2SVCD accepts this?

    Thanx for your help!

    Video Info:
    720 x 464 (Black border cut away), 24 Bits, 43569 Einzelbilder, 25,000 Bilder/Sek., 141 KB/Sek., DivX codec

    Audi Info:
    MPEG Layer-3,112 kBit/s, 48,000 Hz, Stereo
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    Originally Posted by mrpopo
    help! i cant load IFOs, i do everything rite but when i try opening the IFO i get this error "MPEG2DEC: Error during decoder initilisation" i tried messing with all the options, but to no avail. please help.

    Is anyone gonna answer this guy.....

    I ask coz i having same problem!!

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