I have a set of (non-copyrighted) movies that I added selectable subtitles to using Moviegate. Now I want to put the VIDEO_TS folders made by Moviegate onto a single DVD and add a menu so I can navigate to them individually. I tried to do this in TOAST9 using the DVD-Video mode so I can add the menu. However, TOAST apparently strips the selectable subtitles as they do not show up any more in the compiled DVD
I can preserve selectable subtitles by using the VIDEO_TS Compilation mode, but this does not let me add a menu.
Is there a way to have both my cake and eat it, that is preserve the selectable subtitles AND add a navigable menu either in TOAST or some other program (preferably without having to re-encode)?

I still don't know how to do it in TOAST (if at all possible) but in fact MovieGate will let me do it. The latter has some possibilties for menu's that TOAST lacks such as using video.