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    I am looking for freeware conversion software that will allow me to convert .wmv to .xvid or .mkv to .xvid and will do it quickly (as I have a core 2 duo processor at 2.24 Ghz, and 3 gigs of Ram).

    I also noticed that the programs that I have found on the net convert my .wmv to .xvid at much higher spaces (i.e. the .wmv file i started at was 320 MB and the output file ended up being like 720-1000 MB), I want the output file size to match the input file size and still keep the quality and resolution.
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  2. xvid4psp is easy to use

    Every time you re-encode using a lossy codec (e.g. xvid) you will lose quality.

    Faster settings usually mean worse quality

    Also, if this is from a hi def h264 .mkv, there is no way you will get similar quality converting to xvid at the same filesize. h264 has much better compression than xvid, you are better off leaving it if quality and small filesize are your concerns

    Constant quality (1pass) mode is faster than a 2pass bitrate encode, but the ending file size will vary. Most people use XviD quantizer of 3 or 4. Lower gives you better quality. If you require a precise file size, you have to use 2pass mode

    If this is for a standalone XviD DVD player, HD must be resized to SD resolution
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