In WinXP, I've been playing with FFmpeg, Mplayer and Mencoder doing file conversion of flv, RMVB, DVD etc... for the past couple of months with good results, using either bat files or command line parsing in VB it''s surprising what you can achieve.

What I'd like to try now is to video capture using a generic bt878 capture card but the examples I found are in Linux. I need Window equivalents and I can't get past the Device driver ID.

ie... (a partial line)

mencoder tv:// -tv driver=******:width=640:height=480:channel=3:norm=ntsc etc.....

The dos feedback box says that it doesn't recognize the capture device no matter what I put to replace the (****) in the line above. It just responds "no such driver". I tried using the name I saw in virtualdub wdm driver window (Conexant Capture" and "Conexant Capture(DirectShow)" and other similar names reported by other capture programs but I get the same message.

If I can get past this issue the rest should be easy to figure out.

Any suggestions?