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    Hi, I've recently begun to transfer my collection of bookmarked youtube videos onto my cell phone (Samsung U100)

    I seem to have run across a problem though: one of the videos' sound is way too quiet. The video works fine, and the sound does play, but not at any reasonable volume. It needs to go up about 500%.

    Is there a simple way I could edit the video and increase the sound?

    File needs to be MPEG-4/AAC/.mp4 for it to work on the phone. Quality isn't really important, after all, it's a cell phone.

    Thanks in advance!

    edit: lol. I spend a few hours trying to find a fix, post here, and a few mins later come accross AACGain, which did exactly what I was looking for.
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    Added aacGAin to our tool list.
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