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    Rented the movie Maximum Risk on BR from Netflix. As soon as I put the disk in a pop said that my version 2.1 was out dated and I would have to update it before It would play another movie.

    I was shocked to say the least. I had downloaded ver 2.3 when I first purchased my PS3, but since it worked perfectly for me, I could see no reason to update.

    Anyway, the upgrade was on the movie disk. It scrolled the standard accept reject stuff. I accepted and it downloaded 2.3 from the disk.

    So, whats this all about? I read this forum all the time and others not as frequently but I hadn't read anything indicating that I would be terminated unless I pressed the accept button.

    On another BR issue, some of the disks I rent indicate that BR disks will soon also include a format for portable devices. Haven't run into a disk with this additional stuff on it, but again, whats this all about?

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    Forcing consumers to upgrade has been part of the BluRay spec since day 1. The idea behind it is that Hollyweird can (they think) prevent you from playing copied discs by forcing you to update and putting key revocations in the updates. At least that's the reason behind the forced upgrades, but whether it really does any good or not is another question. Also, the upgrade might actually contain some stuff that helps to fully support the disc in question, but the main motivation seems to be anti-piracy because, as we know. ALL consumers on the planet are dirty filthy pirates.

    This BluRay format for portable devices appears to be AVCHD. In a nutshell it is BluRay on DVD-5 or DVD-9 with lower video bit rates than BluRay and basically DVD quality audio.
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