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  1. I know this is probably the stupidest question ever asked here, but i was just curious for personal reasons, instead of having to read the disc onto a computer, is it possible to capture from a MiniDVD camcorder, via firewire, very much like a MiniDV camcorder?

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    Does it have a 1394 (FireWire) output? If not, no. AFAIK, a Mini-DVD camcorder records to MPEG-2 format and that's the only format available.

    With most DV camcorders using tape, the camera converts the video to DV format, then records that on the DV tape. When you transfer that DV file to the computer, it's just a direct data transfer from the tape, not really capturing.
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  3. i see then, therfore, is it possible to transfer the data from the disc onto a computer?
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  4. probably easiest to put the cam dvd in the computer and copy the files off that way. otherwise the cam most likely has a usb connection you could use to do a file copy.
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