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    My m2ts files are starting to kill my hard drive. I need good way to compress them and I thought the mkv container and x264 codec would be good for that. I have tried most all the programs, but all seem to require direct show for conversion. Every time I try I get a message that directshow filters can not render the source. Any suggestions? Is there a way to test which player or filters directshow is trying to use?
    Thanks in advance

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    You can demux with tsMuxeR and then run the video file through DGAVCDec to create a DGA project file. You then create an AviSynth script.

    Same concept as when you use DGMPGDec to create a D2V project file from a MPEG or VOB etc.

    This tends to work better than DirectShow although having said that I've never had problems with DirectShow using XVID4PSP which is my "go to" program for doing H.264 encoding/re-encoding.

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  3. Try using mediainfo (view=>text) to figure out what codecs are being used. You can turn the appropriate one "on" in the ffdshow configuration. (assuming you have ffdshow installed which is the most common used directshow filter)

    You can use graphedit or graphstudio to determine what directshow filters are used to render that particular file on your system

    You can also use FFMpegSource() with avisynth as an alternative, which is not directshow based, but uses the same or similar libavcodec library as ffdshow and dgavcdec (so you may get the same problems if your original problem was decoding)

    Post the exact error message that you are getting
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