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  1. I've been using VLC Media Player (version: 0.8.6c) for over a year now, and it was like a favorite of mine. But since 2 weeks or so, it has been giving me some problem. You see, sometimes, it just hangs and starts using up so much of my virtual memory (I've only got a 256MB RAM).

    For example, if I "seek" using the mouse by clicking the seeker at the bottom of the player, everything is OK, but if I use the keyboard to fast forward/backward (SHIFT + Right Arrow/Left Arrow) then it hangs. If I load a film and its subtitle, as soon as the first subtitle starts, it hangs. I check task manager, and it shows VLC Media Player using up nearly 600M of my virtual memory. Max Payne uses up only around 250 - 300M of my Virtual Memory and this is using up so much. Plus, the Virtual Memory usage just keeps increasing and increasing, it never settles down and I finally have to forcefully end the task using task manager.

    This problem started all of a sudden about 2 weeks ago, and I have no idea how or why.

    I'm using Windows XP Professional SP 2, IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4, CPU 2.93 GHz.
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    Have you tried a newer version of VLC? The current stable build is 0.8.6i, I believe. You may want to uninstall VLC and then install the newer version. Or, if you don't want to change versions, try the option to reset VLC's settings to their defaults.

    You can also try the nightly builds (possibly unstable), which were initially supposed to be version 0.9.0, but have since become 0.9.1... and somehow, version 1.0.0. (No mention of 1.0.0 on their forums, yet, so it came as a surprise to me when I checked the nightlies directory, just now.)

    Note that if you do want to try the nightly builds, don't install them over an existing VLC setup. Either uninstall the previous version, or install the nightly build in a different/test directory. It may have 'entry point' errors, otherwise.
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  3. I uninstalled the previous version (even deleted the preferences etc.) and installed the latest version (0.8.6i) and I'm not facing this problem anymore. Thank you very much.
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