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  1. kindly suggest me how to convert mp3 vbr to mp3 cbr/what software should be used and how.plz.
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    Download Audacity. Install Audacity. Open your VBR MP3 in it.

    In Audacity, go to Edit->Preferences->Import/Export. Download LAME. Audacity uses a file called lame_enc.dll to export files as mp3. You will have to tell Audacity where it is. After you are done with that...

    Go to File->Export. It will export the MP3 as a 128kbps CBR MP3 by default. If you want to change it to a different bitrate, hit the 'Options...' button in the dialog box that pops up and select your bitrate.

    This will probably be the easiest and cheapest way to do what you want.
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  3. thanks a lot
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