My camcorder: Panasonic PV-GS200 (miniDV; NTSC)

I can’t seem to capture accurate-aspect-ratio AVI files that can IMMEDIATELY be used for YouTube uploading or, simply, viewing on various PC media players.

Problems I'm having: obtaining (capturing?) correct aspect ratio; and using VirtualDub with AVI DirectShow (VFW) files.

If camcorder’s Cinema mode (16x9) was used, AVI extracted from such footage -- via capturing software such as Canopus, Ulead, WinDV or Windows Movie Maker -- all output something different, at least when watching using Media Player Classic or Windows Media Player. Using MediaInfo to research these files, some confusing (to me!) info is presented:

For ALL capturing software tested except Canopus (i.e, WinDV, Windows Movie Maker, Ulead)…

- Footage shot in Cinema mode has a “Display aspect ratio: 1.5000” (when viewed, it’s letterbox; Ratio looks correct in Media Player Classic but NOT in Windows Media Player (it’s super flattened))

- Footage shot in Standard mode has a “Display aspect ratio: 4/3” (when viewed, it looks correct in MPC and WMP)

I created a table that allows one to compare MediaInfo-based data extracted from various types of AVI files:

When viewed thru both MPC and WMP, Canopus-captured files look mildly (but noticeably) flattened for BOTH 4x3 and 16x9 –based original camcorder footage. Strangely, the super-flattened effect noted above for WMP (when viewing AVIs captured from the other software) is absent.

Bottom line:

I want to use WMM- or WinDV-extracted AVI files, not Canopus . But I don’t know how to make VirtualDub or Canopus’ Editor open DirectShow AVI files. VirtualDub can use Canopus-captured AVI files, but this is not the best option for me.

Thanks for help you can provide!