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  1. I've had a PC hooked up to my entertainment center for a while with an old ATI All in Wonder Pro and an AMD K62 500. I've got Windows 2000 professional loaded and everything was fine until I had to upgrade a dual boot for XP because I could never get my Encore 12x DVD player to play VCD's under W2k. Why didn't I just use XP? Because my poor AMD 500 can't play AVI's or WMV's worth a damn... just taps the CPU at 100% and what displays isn't worth watching. W2K does just fine... or did just fine... now many movies play upside down... yep, upside down. Can't figure this one out. Got the latest service pack (3), most recent windows media player (7.1). Found that sometimes, the old 6.2 plays it upside down but the 7.1 plays it fine. Some other files they both play upside down. Nothing wrong with the video files as they play fine on my Athlon 800.

    Suggestions appreciated.

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  2. there ARE 2 ways to fix this.
    Go to and search for wmv upside down and click link to mircosofts site(im sorry but im in a hurry, cant get link myself)

    In there, they will tell u how to go into registry and fix it.

    2nd- if that doesnt work, go to then on left go to conversion tools, then divx\avi tools, then codecs and filters.

    In there, dl the DivxG400 install that
    Whenever a movie plays upside down, go to properties in windows media player, go to advanced, go into the divxg400 properties and choose flip input.
    This is neessary for all svcd playback if the registry hack doesnt help you.
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