analog video grabbing on Debian Etch with an SAA7134 Analog-TV-Chip in board of an 2,4 GHz MB works fine with:

streamer -t 180:00 -i composite1 -s 720x576 -r 25 -o file.avi -f mjpeg -F stereo

so the hardware is ok. Now, I like to experiment with ffmpeg, if I get better quality, shorter transcode times etc. My dream: To convert analog video to xvid in one step with good quality. First step: How to grab analog video to harddisk with ffmpeg. Any format, even uncompressed, is fine.

ffmpeg -f oss -i /dev/dsp -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 /tmp/out.mpg

from chapter "2.1 Video and Audio grabbing" ffmpeg documentation results: Unknown input or output format: oss. For me is not clear yet, what the -f-Parameter and the -i-Parameter will do. I tried audio_device, /dev/dsp, video4linux2, composite1, /dev/video0..1..2, but ffmpeg created a not running movie-file or nothing. So as a first step it would be great, if someone could help me "translate" the streamer parameters to ffmpeg parameters.